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How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using Apps

                                     How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using Apps


Regular mobile contacts will save in simcard but there is some limitation to store in SIM card.Once it reach contacts will save in mobile memory.

How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using free apps

SIM memory allocate upto 64kB.If mobile loss or format or inflected with Malware all the contacts will vanish in this case we cannot get back the contacts.To ensure contacts saved in server locations here is the simple apps that recover mobile contacts.

Android Backup Apps:

For secure contact saving use inDefend Mobile Backup.It will store all your mobile contacts simple create a free account.inDefend Mobile Backup will help to backup and restore between to Android phones.

inDefend Mobile Backup for android mobiles

Backup will store in server in encrypted format.this backup will restore in new android devices.There is a option to set the email notification when the backup complete in your device.

Go Contacts Pro App:

Go Conatacts pro app will save your time to take the backup and restore mobile contacts.It is default app come with Android phone.Go Contacts Pro will help to export contact in VCF file format.

How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using Apps
This VCF file can restore to any of Android devices.Go Contacts Pro also features to export sim contacts and clear the duplicate entries in the contacts.simple app to resolve to export current contacts.

SanDisk Memory Zone App:

Cloud storage app for save contacts is SanDisk Memory Zone.This app will secure your contact files to cloud storage and cloud storage will restore the files to other android devices.SanDisk Memory Zone app will increase the performance of your android devices.SanDisk Memory Zone will store the files into your local memory card then it will forward backup to cloud storage.

How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using Apps01

This cloud storage is encrypt with typical password.So files backup in cloud storage with high security features.

Lookout App:

Lookout is another backup solution app that have cloud server system.There is a possibility to stloe your mobiles that will give the complicate to secure your contacts.Once create a free account in Lookout it will secure all your contacts in local device as well as in cloud server.

How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using Apps02

From your account you can download your contacts to local computer , risk free app.User can schedule the backup in device.Using this app you can use your contacts online from anywhere.

My Contacts Backup App:

Wireless backup app is My Contacts Backup.This app is secure alll your contacts and give option to move the contacts files through wireless.It is a one touch backup app.Backup format is VCF and it will export in CSV format.My Contacts Backup also simple and secure app.To avoid every time connect device to pc and copy the backup files this app gives the WI-FI solution.

How To Save Android Mobile Contacts Using Apps03

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