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8 Attainments In The Back Of Google’s Robotic Ambition

8 Attainments In The Back Of Google’s Robotic Ambition


Google’s latest venture is very innovative in the internet search. As the previous project was on Boston Dynamics where weapons that are chemical resistant were invented for U.S. military. Including the latest robotic preoccupation like moon shots at technology, it has is making the enormous step by making roads into self driving cars, smart glasses, internet balloons, flying machines for tapping solar energy and several such technologies are being invented. To make everyone awful the search giant also accomplished with eight robotic companies. While the search giant was panic with this whole project an idea has flash lighted in them which is leading to a huge revolution in robotics.

Google’s robot army also took some other steps that it can run faster than usain bolt, scale walls with the help of “micro claws”, nine meters jump in to air, move huge blocks at ease and many more. Let us see what the eight companies that Google has accomplished with, as organized by PC magazine.

1.Boston Dynamics: This is the Google’s latest achievement in creating robotic creation. In this particular Boston dynamics, two main robots called petman(Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) and Atlas. The latter Atlas was designed to assist particularly in various search and rescue missions. Regarding contemplation over the company’s creation and research will be only used for domestic purposes or for the military assignments further as it is being funded by DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

8 Attainments In The Back Of Google’s Robotic Ambition

2. Bot And Dolly: The company comprises of two primary robots which are titled as IRIS and Scout which are being largely used in TV ads, lengthy films, Las Vegas shows and large scale art installations. The company also achieves the dream come true project of  providing specific tools for cutting edge industry which made others to realize their importance. The team of Bot & Dolly and IRIS made their mark in making the movie titled ‘Gravity’.

3. Autofuss: This company is the sister company to Bot & Dolly which involves primarily in the production and design department. They played a vital role in launching promo videos of Google’s Nexus products before their purchase. The latest version has added a lot to already existing technology which made it impressive.

4. Holomni: The main criteria of this Holomni is to create high-tech wheels. Once it gained the Google’s project, it has terminated all the previous projects which it was involved in. With the help of this Holomni robots able to produce instant omni directional accelerations and forces.

5.Redwood Robotics: Redwood Robotics are specialized in Robotic arms which is a firm belongs to San Francisco. The company website says” our robotic army are very robust, easy to maintain, human friendly and have the capability of reducing dull and repetitive tasks.”

8 Attainments In The Back Of Google’s Robotic Ambition01

6. Meka Robotics: Meka is the other San Francisco based firm which is specialized in creating dreamer sociable head which has the ability of various facial expressions as a human being does. Meka robots has acquired from the MIT computer science and Intelligence laboratory. ”We are busy building in the robot revolution” says company’s website.

7. Schaft: Schaft is Japan based and got a special feature of creating a humanoid robot which is extremely stronger than the previous robots. It gives the higher output where it is initiated from the traditional servo motors which are powered by capacitors and cooled with water. The operation which is dangerous that a human could not perform in rescue operations can be assigned to this particular robot.

8. Industrial Perception: This resembles to Willow Garge which is an American research lab. This Industrial Perception robots are specialized in 3D vision guided robotics technology. These robots are immensely used in the logistics and in manufacturing departments.

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