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Why Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded To Windows 8.1

Why Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded To Windows 8.1


The latest version windows 8.1 is the free upgrade to windows 8. The present desktop and tablet users are supposed to upgrade to windows 8.1,but why most of the users not using windows 8.1 instead they are using windows 8?


Is this a failure to Microsoft? Though they are offering Windows 8.1 for free for the existing customers of Windows 8.Most of the people are not interested in using the latest version.

Why windows 8 is flexible

Statistics In Usage:


Windows 8.1 was released four months ago on October 17,2013. Microsoft is also planning to release an update named as Windows 8.1 update in the next month.


Still more people are using windows 8 instead of windows 8.1 though there was four months of long duration to install the free software. As per the NetMarketShare updates it is shown that 6.83% people are using windows 8 and only 4.3% are using Windows 8.1.


Though any one does not expect that Windows 8 to vanish overnight but it is a huge shock to everyone that windows 8 performance is extraordinary compared to windows 8.1.


It’s in the Windows Store, Not Windows Update:


Previous versions of Windows were available in the Windows Update blog and they are available along with all the other updates. They used to get all the updates from Microsoft which are also installed automatically. It is also same with Windows 8 but not possible to install Windows 8.1 automatically.


Windows 8.1 is not directly available in the Windows Update, it is a store app which is in the full screen interface which was known as Metro. Most of the users who does not use touch hardware, there is no point in using the Windows 8.1 as this contains all the touch apps which used to termed as Metro and presently a confusing name is given “store apps”. There is no reason to use this store link for desktop users as they are not installed directly, user has to download application installer and install it in the normal way.

Why Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded To Windows 8

The latest version which is going to introduced Windows 8.1 update 1,will be available through Windows Update for people who are currently using the Windows 8.1. But there is still confusion going on the reasons for updates which are made in the Windows Update 1 compared to its previous version Windows 8.1.


Account Required For Microsoft:


Windows 8 has to login with either the Microsoft account or with the local user account. Though the local user account is overlapped by the Microsoft, many people are using local user account instead of Microsoft account.


Microsoft lets you login with the Microsoft account for the desktop users to download windows 8.1 from the store. To download, just you need a create a Microsoft account and install Windows 8.1 and simply remove that account but most of the people won’t do that. Microsoft clearly says that the users who are using Windows 8 to download the update will opt to login with Microsoft account and be with that account, adequately they move to the local user accounts to Microsoft account.

 Are Businesses Running Slow?


The present situations in the businesses are lagging behind in the case of using technology rather they prefer the old software which is used and habituated with, instead of updating to latest software. To the awful till now many companies are using Windows XP, if they want to update, they are opting for Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.

 Why Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded To Windows 8.1-04

Businesses are sticking to the old software Windows 8 instead of updating to Windows 8.1?Windows 8.1 is better than the Windows 8 for a constant business where they use keyboard and mouse. In the Windows 8.1 they are provided with the return to the start menu and several such features which are convenient for the users.


So many businesses are consistently working on Windows 8 instead of installing Windows 8.1,because most of the users think that the Windows 8.1 is a new operating system version, but it is purely a rebranded service pack for Windows 8 which can be used conveniently.


The Mac Comparison:


Compared to the PC users upgrade to Windows Mac users does Mac Os X quickly as per the survey conducted by software. As part of this Mac has introduced a new version Mac Os X which is termed as OS X10.8 Mavericks which is free for the future versions but Windows 8.1 is only free for the Windows 8 users.


As per the NetMarketShare the usage statistics of the most popular version Mac is as follows….

Mac OS X 10.8 is at 2.09%

Mac OS X 10.7 is at 2.13%

Mac OS X 10.6 is at 2.17%.

As per the above statistics it is clear that more Mac users are habituated with the older version Mac OS X instead of using current versions. It clearly shows that it is not only the problem of Microsoft.


Updates And Service Packs vs. Operating System Versions:


The reason behind the Microsoft users still using Windows 8 instead of Windows 8.1 is because Microsoft has introduced the Windows 8.1 as a new operating system version rather than a service to traditional pack. If Windows 8.1 Update 1 is available in the Windows Update, most of the users who are stick to Windows 8 would me upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update 1.If this happens, the share differences between Windows 8.1 and Windows Update 1 is incomparable.

 Why Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded To Windows 8-01

Still there are 30% of web users are using Windows XP, Microsoft have to realize to introduce an outdated version of Windows to which people stick to it. Original version of Windows 8 need not to be outdated if Microsoft made available the Windows 8.1 through Windows Update.

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