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Linux Training Tutorials – VIM Editor or VI Editor

Linux Tutorials – VIM Editor

VIM is a command line editor for files in linux.We can open VIM by using vi or vim from the command prompt.

VI – Visual display editor
VIM – Visual display editor improved

Linux Training Tutorials – VIM Editor or VI Editor

In VIM editor there are 3 modes,

1 . Command Mode
2 . Insert Mode
3 . Extended Command Mode

By default Vi will open with Command mode only.In the command mode here is the simple letters to move the cursor position in a file.h/l/k/j are for cursor left/right/up/down.

Insert Mode

i To skip into insert mode
l To Insert beginning of line
a To Append to the next word of the letter
A To Append the end of the line
o Insert the new line at below of cursor position
O Insert the new line at above of the cursor position

Command Mode


gg To go begin of the page
G TO go end of the page
w To Move the cursor forward word by word
b To Move the cursor backward word by word
nw To Move cursor forward to n words ex: 3w
nb To Move cursor backward to n words ex:3b
u To undo last change
U To Undo previous Changes
Ctrl+R To redo the previous changes
yy To copy entire line
nyy To copy n lines ex: 4yy
p TO paste the line below the cursor
P To paste the line above the cursor
dw To delete the word each letter by letter
x To delete the word by word
dd To delete the entire line
ndd To delete the n number of lines from the cursor position
/ To search a particular word in a file

Extended Mode (Or) Colon Mode

Each command need to execute using esc button with the combination of : in extended mode.

ESC+:w  To save the changes in a file
ESC+:q  To quit from a file without save
ESC+:wq  To save and quit from a file
ESC+:w!  To save very forcefully
ESC+wq!  To save and quit from a file forcefully
ESC+:x  To save and quit
ESC+:X  To give the password to a file and remove the password
ESC+:10  To go line number 10 place the number n
ESC+:se nu  To set the numbers to a file
ESC+:se nonu  To remove the lines numbers In a file

To open multiple files in vim editor here is the simple command is

#vim -o file1 file2
To shuffle between the files use Ctrl+w
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