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Linux Training Tutorials – Symbolic Link

Linux Training Tutorials – Symbolic Link

In general there are two types of links is there in symbolic links,

1.Soft Link
2.Hard Link

Soft Link:

– Soft link is like a shortcut of the original file which is similar in windows.
– If the original file delete link will be broken and data also lost.There is no backup for this.
– Inode number for the source file and link file both are different.
– Soft link can be create in entire partitions.
– Characters of the original file and link file should be equal.

How To Create Soft Link:

#ln -s <original file> < Soft link file>

Example: #ln -s mytech mytech.slink

To View Soft link of the file

#ls -li mytech mytech.slink

Linux Training Tutorials - Symbolic Link

Hard Link:

– Hard link is nothing but a backup copy of a original file.
– If the original file got deleted there is no effect of the hard link and there will no data loss.
– Inode number of the both files will be the same.
– It is not possible to create Hard link in all the partitions.
– Both file name characters should be same.

How to Create Hard Link

#ln <original file> < Hard link file>


#ln -li mytech mytech.hlink

To View Hard link

#ls -li mytech mytech.hlink

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