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How To Install DB2 Express In Linux

How To Install DB2 Express In Linux


Here is the steps to install DB2 express in Linux server including the pr-requirement and configurations for Redhat Linux and OpenSUSE Linux.


Hardware Requirements:

– It will support 32,64 bit processor.
– Hard Disk space would be 500MB – 1000MB
– Minimm Ram will be 512MB to 4000MB

How To Install DB2 Express In Linux

Software Requirements:



– Once download DB2 express in local system extract the tar file.
– In file explorar you can find different files and from there installation can do using three different files.
– By using db2_install,db2setup,a DB2 reponse file
– In this three files you can use anyone to install DB2 Express in Linux server.

db2Setup Installation:

db2setup method is very commonly using method for the non-experince users which will gives the lanuch pad instllation so that user can easily install.It will automatically create the users and groups.Only thing is need to have X window in your server.

db2_install Installation:

db2_install is the complete command line script installation which is most reliable and widely expert users following method.db2_install commonly use for the large and enterprise level installtion.Users and groups need to create manually.This process may take long time becuase of the manual process so need skilled people to follow this method.

Response File Installation:

Response file installation method is the another setup wizard that simple editing the .rsp file and it will allow to install DB2 in multiple systems at a time.In this installation it will create DAS(Database Administration server).By this method it will automatically create individual DAS in each machine.It is very fast installation method if you have the information of the installation.

DB2 Install On Server:

– Download the file and extract the file in the tmp directory.
– Exract the file in this location and find the installation file.
– Dobdle click the installtion file for graphical installation.
– Run the following command to start the installtion script i.e ./db2setup
– From the installation wizard choose Install Product option and click next.
– Accept the license agreement. and click on next.
– In next step it will creat the DAS(Database Administration server.
– Use the existing user or create the new user account for DB2 this will be theĀ  DAS owner account.
– Create one more account for DB2 fenced .Click on next and finish it.

If installation is not success check the logs and rectify in few cases even in successful installation takes chancesĀ  to show failure message.

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