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mount: you must specify the filesystem type

mount: you must specify the filesystem type


After reboot the server it is unable to boot and giving the message unable to mount /opt , so skipped and step after that it booted normally. But once enter into the server even auto mount also not updated. Mount partition information updated in fstab entries but no use.while try to mount it is giving the following error,
root@vms:~# mount /dev/sdb /opt
mount: you must specify the filesystem type


– In this case never try to format the drive with any file system that will cause of data loss in the attach drive. Many people afraid after seenĀ  filesystem error and immediatly try #mkfs ext4 /dev/sdb ofcourse this will also option to mount the drive,

# lshw -C diskĀ  ( verify how many disks present in the server mount/unmount)

#mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb
#mount /dev/sdb /opt

This will mount drive on /opt drive but mkfs will make the file system and format the complete drive, to prevent data loss use the following simple command,

#mount -a

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It will not impact on your data loss and mount the drive which was in previously exist. Possible try to enter the disk information in fstab too.

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