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Microsoft Biggest Failure On Christmas Hacking

Microsoft Biggest Failure On Christmas Hacking

Largest gaming network console Xbox Live and Playstion was hacked on Christmas day.Who received a new Xbox try to setup their new account in Playstation are unable to connect to the network.Microsoft biggest gaming networks Xbox Live and PlayStaion Network are hacked Lizard Squad.

on Christmas there are some issue lodged that people are unable to connect playstation and core services are not responding.Users connect the playstation via online and login to the account.But after this raised users are difficult to login.

Microsoft Biggest Failure On Christmas Hacking

Lizard Squad group down the systems and hacked the both playstations.In this year same group hacked the Playstation Network and down League Legends and Path Of Exile games.

Microsoft deliver PS$ and XBone on Christmas to many of the customers and all are disappoint with this connection fail.Who can try to create their account in Xbox or Playstation are irritated with longtime issue.

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