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OnePlus Phone Sales Resume In India

OnePlus Phone Sales Resume In India

Chinese second largest smartphone maker OnePlus have ban the sales in India after Micromax claimed case against in New Delhi Court.Now good news to OnePlus that ban was lifted to sale mobiles in Indian market.

OnePlus is using Cyanogen operating system in mobiles and Micromax Indian based smartphone manufacture company deal the rights of Cyanogen Operating system in India on Yu series.

OnePlus Phone Sales Resume In India

OnePlus company officially announced that they are developing own Android on top of Cyanogen operating system.Still under testing stage.After this statement Micromax again object the sales in India.

Court stated that OnePlus should conclude upto how many days sales will continue in India using Cyanogen operating system.So court again looking the same case on 7th January for further clarifications.

Indian Court banned several China based mobile sales in India in past.Recently Xiaomi sales was also stopped temprerly to get the patent rights on sales.

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