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Microsoft Confirmed Office 2016 Launch

Microsoft Confirmed Office 2016 Launch

Biggest operating system partners and major office products software development company Microsoft planning to launch Office 2016 Suite in next month.As per Microsoft press release Office 2016 will not allowing major changes in existing version.

Microsoft Confirmed Office 2016 Launch

Microsoft Office 2016 will release on 22nd September Officially.New Office 2016 comeup with Colorful theme that match the Mac and iOS,Android regular apps.Microsoft Office 2016 focus on recent release Windows 10 and optimize the touch usage on the latest products.Word,Excel,Powerpoint applications access is bit user friendly compare to previous.

Even search also improved in Office 2016.In Word and Excel image insertion is improved and size limitations removed.For desktop version word will allow real time co-authorization and increase the security.Auto-save timer has been increased and almost auto save in fraction of seconds now.

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