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Microsoft Offers Double OneDrive Free Cloud Storage




Microsoft Offers Double OneDrive Free Cloud Storage

Microsoft is now concentrated on cloud storage solutions market.Today Microsoft increases the free cloud storage One Drive from 7Gb to 15 Gb  as compare to previously offer it is more than 50%.

And one more good news for Office 365 customers.As Microsft OneDrive now offers terabyte of storage for exclusively office 365 customers and if individual user wants more space just pay $1.99 for 100Gb and $3.99 for 200Gb monthly and continue the services with more cloud storage.

Microsoft Offers Double OneDrive Free Cloud Storage 01
If any customer purchased Office Microsoft products oneDrive offers almost unlimited cloud storage.Based on subscription of office product Onedrive capacity will allocated to users.

Normal office 365 cost you around $6.99  monthly and loaded oneDrive storage solution for your backup online.Other cloud storage companies like Amazon,Dropbox,Icloud,Google Cloud Drive slightly changed the storage capacity and offers good in the present Cloud staorage market.Ralier of this year Drop box increased to 50Gb for free users and created hug traffic from the developers.

Microsoft offers open tools while download any files from OneDrive it will automatically prompt the application that can be possible to save the developers time.

According to the Google Trends chart OneDrive market is not yet in the position to competitor the other cloud solutions companies.Dropbox currently leading the Cloud storage system.

Microsoft Offers Double OneDrive Free Cloud Storage

With this changes Microsoft will raises another mile in the Cloud solutions.According to the survey Microsoft will be the position in future growth in Cloud Storage platform.

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