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Google Acquired Indian Railway Website IRCTC



Google Acquired Indian Railway Website IRCTC

Indian government online Railway website IRCTC is now in Google hands.Recently Google acquired IRCTC website and Indian government paid $20 billion to Google.

India’s fastest ticket booking website have many more employees and hundreds of servers also located in Indian datacenters.Now Google will serve the service with smile.

IRCTC officials are very much happy with this acquire because from now all IRCTC employees turn as Google employees.And become private sector employees will get normal holidays and good hikes.IRCTC employees hopes are in sky now.Weather Google reach those expectations are not have to see in future.

Google Acquired Indian Railway Website IRCTC

In history this is the first acquire that paying reverse amount to the company.Still people have doubt that why government paid $20 billion to Google for acquire.

According to online survey by IRCTC people are getting many health problems that increasing BP levels and headache because ” will ticket will confirm or have to wait and how much time it will take to open IRCTC portal page”

Google planning to pay $50 billion to Indian government for this acquire compliments.IRCTC acquire by Google news was not officially confirmed by the source.

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