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Google Offering Unlimited Storage To Users



Google Offering Unlimited Storage To Users

Search engine Google now offering more storage space to users.According to the audit Google now allot unlimited storage for $10 per month.

Google stepping to increase more security control on the storage.It is offering unlimited storage space online.In Google drive users are storing photos,files,documents and sharing in internal offices and networking online.


Google Offering Unlimited Storage To Users01
Worldwide 190 million users are using Google Drive at home,office,school in different locations.Crate & Barrel,Seagate and HP companies are using Google drive to communicate online with employees.

Google users can storage upto 5TB online just paying $10 per month this storage is very high compare to the local storage hard drive.Normal users hard drive space upto 1 TB but Google is offering more.

Security monitoring is scan the storage files and documents to give more securable storage system to Google users.In last 2 months Microsoft and Dropbox offering more space for less amount for users.

Google forwarding  steps towards increasing Google Drive users.

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