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Microsoft Released Windows 10 Preview Beta

Microsoft Released Windows 10 Preview Beta

Microsoft announced new operating system that in San Francisco event.It is Windows 10.Most of the Microsoft users are know that Microsoft is developing new operating system that is Windows 9 but killed all the rumors and comeout with the next generation of operating system level.

Microsoft Released Windows 10 Preview Beta

More than 900 people of Microsoft are there is the new name and updated operating system.Windows 10 is very flexible and available in Beta versions for all desktop and Laptop users.To get more feed back Microsoft released this preview.Based on users feedback Microsoft will give more experimental output with Windows 10.

New Windows 10 gives a new experience that can minimize multiple windows in the same screen and parallel work environment was created.User can drag and copy the work from one window to another window very easily.

Microsoft Released Windows 10 Preview Beta01

Some of the user like features are back in windows 10 like startup screen and customize Taskbar.But most of the features that are very familiar with window 8 are in built in windows 10.Icons and background screens icon selections.Microsoft is everytime focused on Keyboard and Mouse to interact the user and Operating system more faster.

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