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Qualcomm Ventures Investment In Birds Eye Systems

Qualcomm Ventures Investment In Birds Eye Systems

U.S base electronic chip firm Qualcomm raising fund to Birds Eye systems to establish new operations in India.Birds Eye is Indian based IT gaint in several platforms.To expand the technology in Traffline brand Qualcomm supporting in the form of investment.

Qualcomm funding investment from ventures investment group that is Qualcomm ventures.Funding complete worth official statement was not yet released in figures.

Qualcomm Ventures Investment In Birds Eye Systems

This firm will offers the realtime traffic and other travel information in all major cities in India.Processing via mobile and Internet channels using Traffline brand.Effect fo saving lot of time.Qualcomm ventures released funds will help to acquire the additional teams and arrange robust in cities.

User can easily fetch the traffic conditions in different locations from the present locations to plan the travel and divert the roots.Birds Eye systems initially target the technology in metropolitan cities.

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