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Pay Bills via Twitter Soon Feature Lookup

Pay Bills via Twitter Soon Feature Lookup

Yes it is the first time Twitter is not only for micro blogging now entering in to the new platform for users bill payments.Twitter is launching this feature in India.

Twitter officially partner with Indian based company @lookup for this feature enable user bill payment.Lookup will directly message to order any items and inquire and other business transactions.

Pay Bills via Twitter Soon Feature Lookup

Lookup is the Indian based company which holds 1.2 million registered users.Lookup is the barrier between the consumers and retailers via direct chat messaging.Merchants from Mumbai,Delhi,Bengaluru.

Users are process their purchase from the Twitter’s Buy button directly, with this new changes orders and payments will be in separate.Lookup will integrate with Twitter API which will monitoring and more connections handle capabilities too.In other way providing contact numbers Lookup will direct Google Maps and pickup the nearest retailers information.

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