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Top 4 Highest Paying Programming Languages

Top 4 Highest Paying Programming Languages

# Ruby On Rails

Open source web application frame work is Ruby On Rails.Highest salary package is $109,460.Using Ruby on Rails user can organize the application using model-view controller pattern.

Top 4 Higgest Paying Programming Languages


Compare to other open source it is very flexible and easy to update and modify the code.Well known convention format and code using configuration feature is available.



Widly using Structured Query Language.To maintain the small size database to large size database SQL is suitable one.Relational database infrastructure developed in SQL.Query Analyzer and Query function is use for search in SQL.flexible search is easy in SQL.
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SQl is using insert,update,delete functions to update or modify the entries in the database.Good salary package is $85,511.For programmers schema master is base of SQL.



# Python

Python is the high level programming languages which can very readability.Highest earn in $100,717.Python code is simple and easy to compile and update the pattern compare to other programming language like C,C++.

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Python is exclusive language that allows for small scale industry requirement and Large scale industry requirement.Instagram,Pintrest,Peartree,Digg are suing Python language.Google,Facebook,Yahoo are depending on Python.



Most popular programming language in IT sector is JAVA.Salary package is upto $94,908.Java is most used Programming language in Video Games,Software products,Mobile devices.


ITop 4 Higgest Paying Programming Languages-02initially Java is used for desktop application and OS level patch updates.Oracle corporation developed Java in all the platforms and very flexible programming too.Java is the first Programming language that work in cross platform.

Java plug-ins,Java based web browsers are very popular.On Java base Core Java and advanced Java was built.Wide range of opportunities are available in Java.



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