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Android 5.0(Lollipop) Bugs – Here Is Solutions

Android 5.0(Lollipop) Bugs – Here Is Solutions

Recent release of new Android 5.0 users upgraded their devices and started using new OS features.Unfortunately many of the users are facing difficulties with new Android 5.0 bugs which is not fix by themselves.Yes Lollipop have come bugs which was reported by the recent survey.Here is the some of the bugs and solutions to fix by yourself.

Android 5.0(Lollipop) Bugs -Here Is Solutions

# Battery Life Issues

Primary issue is Battery life is very less and if any users concentrated on social media via Wi-fi connectivity battery consuming more compare to previous.Users are hoping that Android 5.0 will gives the best battery life but Google did not fixed this issue in latest version also.

# Here is the Solution

It is not much good idea but resulting will be positive in your mobile devices,i.e Factory resetting way.This will resolve many users issues.
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Now check the very older apps that was not yet updates from the longtime.Some cases non-updated versions will take place to consume more battery.Another way is check the very recent updated apps after OS update better to remove those and reinstall the apps.Check the apps batter consuming apps from the battery page and adjust the settings for the specific apps.Multiple chat apps also not giving much battery life and continues camera on also.

# The Lag and Crashing On The OS

Major problem in Nexus 5 is after update performance is reduced 50% and device also crashing applications.Daily used apps also taking long time to open and later suddenly closing without any prompt.

# Here is the Solution

Some of the applications in the mobile will case the complete system crash or down.Better to uninstall the app and check any latest version of the same app available to download or patch for the app for new Lollipop environment.Check the developer’s site that will help the apps issue with new OS.
For performance increase uninstall default apps like related to Google like unwanted maps,Google Now,Google feed.Still the performance is dull suggest to revertback to Kitkat is the developer’s suggestion.

# Video playback issues

In Lollipop default option to play videos is non availability.Video player software is not there.

# Here is the Solution

Disable NuPlayer in your mobile and switchoff for 60 sec later switchon and enable the option that will be gives auto video player on for all video clips.

# Wi-Fi Connectivity problems

Very old issue with Nexus 5 and 10 devices like sometimes WI-Fi is not connecting in guest network or any new home networks.Users hoping that Google will release the OS version with this fixed issue but still in Android 5.0 also have the same wi-fi issue.Google is working on this issue from longtime but still not yet fixed.Here is some tricks to fix by yourself.

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# Here is the Solution

If your device is frequently connecting and disconnecting ,first disconnect the wi-fi in the mobile and check the router settings once.Incase any ports are blocking on time to time better to reset to factory restore mode.

Check the apps that was installed in the mobile and find which app create problem after install to upgrade in your mobile.Uninstall that app and scan your mobile.Most of the cases after update installed app wi-fi will disconnect automatically.After scan the mobile restart your device and check the connectivity.

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