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Virtual Currency Launched By Amazon In UK

Virtual Currency Launched By Amazon In The UK


Amazon offers a Christmas gift with an Amazon Kindle Fire, if you own it then you will be getting £4.Though it is not in the form of money, £4 is in its own virtual currency, Amazon coins which were recently introduced in the UK market.

You can spend the virtual cash by spending in buying games, apps and in-app items from the Amazon’s App store. Right now though it may not be possible to buy some happening items like books, DVDs etc. it might be possible in future which is hinted by the source of Amazon. Amazon stated ”More ways of earning and spending coins in a wide range of contents and activities will be continued”

So why to use? Instead of spending the coins you can save the money by getting 10% discount if you purchase Amazon coins in mass.

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The future is all in the virtual currencies as the present statistics shows that the worth of virtual currency Bitcoin reached sky high by 400% in past two months. The world’s first Bitcoin cash point was installed in the Canada last month.

It is up to you to sign up the Amazon coins, to get 400 coins for free which is analogous to £4.

The developers can also attract to the virtual currency, as it is fruitful to the labor and make them happy in return.



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