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Windows And Android Malware Steals The Show

Windows And Android Malware Steals The Show


As per the Annual Windows Malware report released from Quick Heal shows the PC still continues to be the comprehensive target for the malware authors. As per the report generated by the Quick Heal center’s Research and Development – R&D centers in India is a fully significant research.

“Research and Development Lab is unable to crumble the extent and depth of the cyber attacks that are being reported. Report which is developed by us is the final and comprehensive coverage of the complaints that are registered under Windows and Android platforms. It is our duty as reporters to minimize the attacks in future trends of 2014” says Sanjay Katkar, Technical Director and CTO, Quick Heal Technologies.

Windows And Android Malware Steals The Show


Quick Heal’s Threat Report Concluded the Following:


  • Quick Heal Research and Development Lab has received 80 percent sample rise was seen in Windows malware. Latest malware increases to 40% compared to 2012.
  • The major share was grabbed by Trojans by 77% and the remaining share of 13% occupied by Bots and Backdoors.
  • The birth Crypto Locker was arises in 2013 which was the most notorious incident. The sad thing involved in this is the encrypting of files which are delivered by botnets.
  • The following are the serious problems included in the online fraud-there can be several operations are carried by the attackers which includes reading mails, viewing of stored data, username and passwords stealing or even install key loggers.
  • As a big surprise 800 samples of malware were received in Android.
  • A huge number of 431397 malicious programs were detected by Quick Heal.
  • Attackers are approached to mobile friendly eco system quickly.
  • There is still continuing the security problems concerned to user data leakages.


“Still Windows XP holds 30% of market share. In April 2014,Microsoft is about to withdraw the support for the most notorious Operating System, with this a serious problem regarding security aspects is going to arise for the machines which are still based on Windows XP and they are connected to the Internet with their system. There is also increase in Advanced Persistent Threats. The thing is not only with Windows there are also Apple Mac and iOS are also concentrating on 2014.”says Sanjay Katkar.

Windows And Android Malware Steals The Show01


 As per the report trends which are to be concentrated in 2014:

1. The support to the Windows XP and office 2003 reaching the end of the life which is concerned as the serious problem due to attacks.

2. Malware authors are attacked by social media and encourages them for malware, social engineering, spam and phishing attacks.

3. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are the most frequent form of attacks that are currently being used for making money through malware.

4. It software companies highly prefer Ransomeware which is a type of attack that is problematic to control spreading to mobile phones.

5. The most popular technologies Apple Mac OS and iOS  are often targeted.

6. Most of the devices which are connected to the “Internet-of-things” are targeted more.

7. Strict security policies and execution is the main concern regarding the vast supply chain.

Rapid adaption of numerous technologies are the primary source to the increasing cyber criminals where they are getting more smarter by using the old techniques for the new softwares that are to be targeted.

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