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Is It considered To Buy Desktop PCs And Laptops

Is It considered To Buy Desktop PCs And Laptops

 There is an idea developing with PC manufacturers to develop all-in-one Android Desktop PCs. They are on their way to develop a laptop that also converts into a tablet with Keyboard. But is there is necessary to buy any of these?

In short Android is a better option compared to tablet as Windows is more powerful on desktops and laptops.

Android Pcs Exist? Why?

Android desktop resembles to Windows 8 desktops. They are designed with large touch screen where the bits are built in and suitable for stationary desks. They are a huge Android tablet which is designed for stationery use. For instance the Acer TA272 HUL is all-in-one costs $1100 which is 27-inch screen and installed Android.

Android laptops and Convertibles resembles to the Windows 8 laptops and convertibles. They  are designed as the laptops with a detachable keyboards and allows you to use as laptops without making them any way disturbance.

Is It considered To Buy Desktop PCs And Laptops

They can be used better when compared with Windows 8.1 devices. Android can used as the alternative for your previous Metro and Touch apps. Android has many more touch apps compared to Windows 8 and also can access for games and several apps which are designed for phones. It can give access to the whole new world where they are not available in Windows store. Snap feature of Windows 8 contains numerous apps on screen same as the large screen that appears on desktops and laptops but there is lack of some app availability.


Android Competes With The Windows Desktop?

Android in no way substitute to the Windows Desktop if there is a need of applications. If the usage is with touch-first interface Android suits with it from top to toe but most of the people are not using the Windows instead they are stick to traditional Windows Desktop and their applications.

Is It considered To Buy Desktop PCs And Laptops01

If you want to use mouse and keyboard then skip using Android as they are not a substitute to traditional PC and Laptop.

You can run the apps on Windows PC that are available in Android, though it is not convenient it is just an example to show how the desktop operating system is powerful.

 Limitations Of Android:

Though Android supports efficiently on a smart phone and small tablets like Nexus 7,it is not designed for desktop PCs which are 27-inch displays.

The main limitation with Android is the screen appearance is only one at a time not the multiple applications can be opened. This is considered to be serious limitation on PC of desktops.

Though Android supports well with the keyboards but its support with mouth is not as expected. There is no matter of ‘right-click’ on Android, when you left-click as soon as the mouse cursor visible on the screen then the touch option gets stimulated and there is no option of bringing context menu back.

Possibility Of Cases In Use:

To get Android convertibles can make some sense. If Android tablet is connected to keyboard then you can easily type mails, documents etc., when needed. Some people use ipads as they are light weight and act as replacement to the laptops, similarly Android also can perform some operations as the laptops does when you prefer Android instead of iOS.

An Android Desktop PC can not make the possibilities of what the Windows Desktop does. It only allows people to perform some tasks like playing Android games, browsing and some other tasks like Windows 8 does. But it is not the substitute for Windows, Mac OS X, desktop Linux, or even google chrome. If the things are get done only in PC with desktop.

Why Should You Buy When Google Is Not Buying It?

Android Convertibles with keyboard accessory are the latest trend compared to the Android desktops. Even google doesn’t think that the Android is appropriate for desktops or laptops so that is the reason behind inventing desktops and laptop PCs which are based on Chrome OS. Since google is not interested in buying Android desktop PC, there is no sense of getting them home.

So instead of buying Android desktop PC it is advised to buy Android convertibles. If you really want Android tablet with keyboard it is advised to buy tablets but they are not fully powered as laptops.

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