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Microsoft OneNote App Available For Free


                                 Microsoft OneNote App Available For Free

OneNote is the best app ever to check the daily list and maintain the tasks.Contain the alert systems for todo list in the app.But OneNote is the paid app from Microsoft.This app is available for windows only it will not support Linux,Mac Operating systems.This is good news for OneNote app users Microsoft made this app for free for windows 7,8.x operating systems.


Microsoft OneNote App Avaiable For Free02

And new OneNote is featuring to support Mac systems also.For Linux still under development stage.

OneNote for windows file size is nearly 1MB and installation wizard is quit simple.For Mac file size is 235MB very large file.Contain the install director and support files for Mac operating system.OneNote can directly from Mac App Store.


Microsoft OneNote App Avaiable For Free
OneNote is the flexible for the other devices which are using Windows and Mac OS.For iPad,iPhone and ipod download from iTunes store.For windows phone download from the store.

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