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How To Log in to the Plesk Control panel

How To Log in to the Plesk Control panel

To log in to the Plesk control panel you need Plesk admin details which provided by Hosting Provider.

Here is the some Exaple log in different Plesk version.

Log in In Plesk 9.5.5

– In Plesk 8x and 9x version plesk control details are looking like the following.

pleck 9
-In Plesk Control panel admin port number in 8443 and client port number is 8880.

Log In Plesk 10

-After 9x Version plesk interface was changed.New interface with new custom option appear in the plesk version.You can log in to the plesk control panel with the Specified email address in the version.Here is some log in details.
User (oR) specified in the control panel.
pleck 10
Log In Plesk 11

– In plesk 11 version inbuilt CMS was enable for the users.In this version also you can log in the account with FTP users and email address also.In 10 and 11 version Plesk admin can set the limited access to the log in user.
pleck 11

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