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How To Shutdown Windows 8

How To Shutdown Windows 8

Well known procedure to shut down all operating system is simple click on start button and selecting Shutdown option.In windows 8 this procedure was changed and it will be looking everything in Box type.Even in windows 8 and windows 8.1 click on Windows button and choose Settings icon.From the power button we will go pick Shutdown.

How To Shutdown Windows 8-01

Here is the new method to shutdown your windows 8 system in one click,

1.On your desktop take shortcut icon.

How To Shutdown Windows 8-02

2.For shortcut assign the command.For Shutdown give the follow,

  shutdown /s /t 0

How To Shutdown Windows 8-03

3.Click on Next and give some name to the shortcut.

4.Now click on Finish to complete the process.

5.Right click on the shortcut icon properties.

How To Shutdown Windows 8-04

6. Select the option Change Icon.For easy understand pick shutdown icon which is very familiar for all previous operating system users.

7.Pin this shortcut on the start by Pin to Start option.

8.If you want to place the icon on the taskbar also that will be easy to access.

Windows 8 Shutdown In Different Ways

Method 1

– Combination of windows button plus X(WIN+X).
– Power options menu will open and simple
– Now choose Shut down or sign out.
– Select Shut down option.

How To Shutdown Windows 8-05

Method 2

– Windows plus D(WIN+D) to go desktop.
– Alt with functional(ALT+F4) to shutdown.

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