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How To Verify Windows Updates In System

How To Verify Windows Updates In System

Most of the people are using windows worldwide and very less amount of people are still not checking the windows updates in the system, in some cases this will impact more.Few days back because of these windows updates and unauthorized software’s use ransomware attack was happen.It is very easy steps to check the latest updates in windows.

In windows 10 press windows button and type “check for updates” in the search box.New window update window will open in settings page only.if any latest updates is there it will show the latest update.Incase nothing will show hit Check for updates button once again.In the same window you can check the Update history button to validate the previous updates too.

In windows 7 go to control panel and select System and Security option.From here go to Check for updates.If any updates is required it will recommend to Install Updates.

Most of the users avoid for windows automatically updates.And turnoff the auto updates.For this need manual Windows updates.Dispute updates will effect to the running programs in windows.So we need to check the regular updated to secure the windows.

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