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How To Resolve Windows Defender had been turned off




How To Resolve Windows Defender had been turned off


Windows Defender is online Anti virus from Microsoft.In windows 7 Microsoft offer Microsoft Security essentials for secure your PC.From window 8 and windows 8.1 Microsoft security essentials will not support for this.For windows 8 users Windows Defender app protect from the all virus and malicious removal.In windows 8 by default Windows Defender disabled.Here is the simple steps to enable windows defender.

windows Defender Has Been Turned Off

– Login to windows 8 machine using administrator access.

– Before start this process uninstall other Antivirus which was installed in the system.

– Now go to Settings and select Action Center or In Search Types Action Center it will come under Settings.

– In Security tab find the option Windows Defender Turn on.

windows Defender Has Been Turned Off02
– It will ask for the update.Once click on this option it will star update the latest files for windows Defender.

windows Defender Has Been Turned Off01

– Now Windows Defender start latest files update.After complete this start scan your system.

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